Boost Your Brain Power With Fish Oil

Fish OilAlthough many individuals have heard of fish oil before, many are unaware of how intrinsically important it is to human health. Fish oil has been proven to help feed delicate areas of the brain responsible for memory, increased alertness, and focus. According to a recently published study featured in the Public Library of Science, individuals taking a six-month supplementation experienced a 23 percent increase in score during key challenges and various mental exercises. As many people eat fish on a regular basis out of unknowing habit, particularly ones containing toxic heavy metal levels (lead, mercury, aluminum), molecularly distilled fish oil supplements serve as a healthy alternative that can help you achieve that extra daily brain boost.

So what’s responsible for fish oils positive influence on brain behavior? For starters, fish oil contains an important omega-3 fatty acid called docosahexaenoic, otherwise known as (DHA). According to studies, DHA can help improve visual acuity, establish a healthy nervous system, and lowers triglycerides.

Along with supplements, the right low carb, reduced sugar, minimally processed diet can be a major turning point in anyone seeking cognitive improvement. Even though the brain is made up of many complex divisions, it’s important to maintain a healthy fish oil intake to ensure mental sharpness, learning adaptability, normal nervous system function, memory, and healthy triglyceride levels.

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