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When: Friday, January, 11, 2013 at 2:05 PM ET / 1:05 PM CT

What can you expect on News & Views?

Following up on Monday’s highly successful radio appearance, Dr. Salerno visits with host Ronn Allen of IRN fame and entices listeners to “Fight Fat with Fat.” The topic, which includes the importance of following a sustainable low-carb diet and interesting ways to find “clean” foods, is a cutting-edge strategy for leading a healthy lifestyle.

News & Views is a live two-hour, issues-oriented and caller-intensive daily radio news magazine program that covers the hottest issues and current events. News & Views focuses on bringing the audience hard-hitting talk with people in the know so that the listeners can make solid decisions for their families, businesses, and country. Ronn Allen, a true veteran of radio broadcasting for over 55 years, is Assistant News Director for the entire network.

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