Cycling With My 9-Year Old

John Jr. Salerno Cycling CareerJohn Jr., my 9-year old son, is an avid cyclist. He religiously cycles with me every morning, rain snow or sleet, after breakfast.

As we travel 8 miles through steep hills and alongside the beautiful Connecticut shoreline each morning, we share words of encouragement along the way. John Jr. has been cycling every day since he was 5 years old. At 6-years old, and every year since he and I have regularly participated in the 42 mile NYC 5-Borough Bike Tour. Every year, we also do Tour of Montreal, a two-day event and several other cycling events together. Additionally, John Jr. has also ridden to raise donations for Japanese earthquake victims and for Alzheimer’s disease research.

What a great way for father and son to connect in the morning!

The exercise has dramatically helped John Jr.’s overall health. Furthermore, this has also helped with his little league baseball pitching, where his arm ranks the best among 9-year olds and school performance. And if you haven’t already guessed, we both have nitrate-free bacon with organic, cage-free eggs for breakfast every day!

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John Jr. Salerno Cycling CareerSalerno Cycling CareerJohn Jr. Cycling CareerJohn Jr. Salerno Cycling Career


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