Home IV Vitamin and Nutrient IV Infusion

DHome IV Therapyue to the high demand for personalized care, the Salerno Center for Complementary Medicine is proud to introduce home IV therapy, which gives patients the unique ability to receive intravenous vitamins and nutrients in the convenience of their home. With a renewed sense of independence and comfortability, our home IV therapy program decreases the need for patients to leave the creature comforts of their home. Once the bag has been properly mixed and transported, a member of our highly skilled registered nurses will coordinate your care and closely monitor your condition with the same concern and professionalism seen in our office.

A few examples of IV therapy services include:

Anti-aging Intravenous Therapy, Arthritis Intravenous Therapy, Depression Intravenous Therapy, Detoxification Intravenous Therapy, Memory Function Intravenous Therapy, Vitamin C (mini C) Intravenous Therapy, Weight loss Intravenous Therapy…and many more.

Best of all, The Salerno Center for Complementary Medicine offers IV package rates and flexible scheduling, which saves you time and money. With available service seven days a week, our home IV therapy program has you covered. Caregivers are available to travel to the patients agreed upon destination for easy coordination, administration, and comprehensive management. Along with our team of registered nurses, Dr. Salerno will monitor and ensure the best treatment for you.

At the Salerno Center for Complementary Medicine, we work directly with your “health needs” to provide consistency, reliability, and the utmost level of care during the transition from the medical center to home.

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