Major Studies Show Bioidentical Hormones May Decrease Cancer and Heart Disease

Bioidentical HormonesThe journey from sick and tired to healthy and balanced is becoming a reality for many men and women, and bioidentical hormones are leading the way. Identical chemical messengers in every sense of the word, bioidentical hormones are completely “natural”. Unlike synthetic replacements such as Premarin, bioidentical hormones are derived from plants – which are then precisely matched and compounded by pharmaceutical professionals.

In fact, according to a 12 plus month follow up study featured in the Gynecological Endocrinology, 189 women patients were given natural estrogen plus progesterone with or without DHEA or testosterone, and 90% of those patients experienced symptom control. Miraculously, complications from traditional hormone replacement were completely absent. To top things off, sixty percent of patients who had gained weight during the menopause, lost an average of 14.8 pounds. Through careful evaluation of blood, urine, and saliva, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) can restore every organ in the body; cardio, immune, reproductive, and nervous systems.

Not thoroughly convinced yet? Well, in another study undertaken at The University of Texas at Tyler, led by Dr. Kenna Stephenson, proved topical progesterone can bring about hormonal relief. As opposed to conventional therapies, the cream did not increase thrombotic or inflammatory responses. Subsequent use of the cream helped establish healthy cortisol patterns, which has been shown to ward of the risk of developing heart disease and many other diseases.

Not only are bioidentical hormones considered a safe alternative to synthetics, but there has been no evidence linking them to cancer. A French study in which 54,000 postmenopausal women showed BHRT users actually reduced their cancer risk by 10 percent when using replacement therapy, and there continues to be a huge body of growing evidence that shows the efficacy and effectiveness of bioidentical hormones. A 2009 study featured in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention Cancer Epidemiology, recorded a 17-40% reduction in colon cancer in women using BHRT, and the Women’s Health Initiative study showed a 44% reduction in colorectal cancer risk.

Even though much of the research refers to women, men are just as affected by hormone imbalances. Interestingly, in the 2005 Annual Review of Medicine, researchers discovered that 30% of men in their 60s have low levels of free testosterone. Produced in the testes, a lack of androgens can lower sex drive, decrease strength, and lead to a lack of endurance. Without some kind of hormone intervention, serious health problems may develop, such as increases in heart disease and sleep abnormalities. Having trouble sleeping lately? At Harvard University, researchers studied the effects of BHRT on sleep cycles, and they noted improvements in REM sleep, a reduction in night sweats, and lower levels of sleep interruption – all as a result of using “natural” hormones.

It is normal to age, it’s simply a part of life – but it is not normal to feel tired all the time, endure achy joint pain, chronic illness, fatigue, weight gain, and depression. When diet and lifestyle changes are not cutting it, and you just don’t feel like old self–consider bioidentical hormones replacement therapy from a trained, licensed medical professional.

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