Diet & Stress Management Slow Aging

Food and AgingFor many individuals, eating a well-balanced diet is an essential step towards better health – but what foods you choose to eat on a daily basis can also slow the aging process. By incorporating certain lifestyle choices, such as meditation, yoga, and increased vegetable and fruit consumption, researchers showed remarkable anti-aging benefits. According to studies conducted at the Preventive Medicine Research Institute, researchers showed an increase in telomere length.

Telomeres, which are repetitive DNA sequences found at the end of a chromosome, similar to a shoelace tip, protect genetic information needed to carry out healthy cell division. In fact, future generations of cells would be unable to reproduce without telomeres, leading to harmful changes in cellular function. In short, telomeres are the lifeguards of the human body.

Featured in the Lancet Medical Journal, the study focused on unprocessed, whole foods, which included vegetables, legumes, and very few refined carbohydrates, a common source of toxic sugars. In addition, participants walked 30 minutes six days a week, included 60 minutes of stress management, yoga, and meditation, and added 60 minutes of support group sessions once a week. As subjects in the control group lacked the necessary freedoms found throughout these activities, researchers noticed a decrease in telomere length.

Even though the study is the first of its kind, researchers have recognized the drastic effect diet and exercise have on the human body. Unlike many so-called fountains of youth, there is no substitute for nutrition and preventative lifestyle choices. Eating and exercise can reverse aging, plus they offer simple, life-changing, long-term health benefits.

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