Happy Birthday To Low-Carb Pioneer Dr. Robert Atkins

Dr. Robert Atkins

Forever indebted to Dr. Robert Atkins, The Salerno Center for Complementary Medicine would like to honor his birthday. In fact, if the good doctor was still with us, today would make him 83-years-old. Not only did Dr. Atkins expose the world to the enormous benefits of following a low-carb lifestyle, but he also helped millions heal through better nutrition, vitamins, and health education.

As opposed to many other fad diets that come-and-go, the Atkins Diet continues to re-shape our thoughts on food. For example, even Hollywood has recognized its potential for change. Celebrities, such as Jennifer Aniston, Kim Kardashian, and Sharon Osbourne, are all strong advocates of the diet. Whether its post-baby weight loss, establishing a look worthy of the red carpet, or simply a means to restore health, the Atkins Diet is helping people achieve their individual goals.Even though his physical presence is gone, Dr. John P. Salerno, former Atkins Center Senior Physician, colleague, and personal friend, is continuing right where he left of. When asked about Atkins, Dr. Salerno explained, “His approach to diet was ahead of its time, but more importantly, it really worked.”

The protein-rich diet, which focuses on low-sugar foods, encourages the elimination of carbohydrates. As some of you may know, carbohydrates usually contain hidden sugars, additives, and artificial ingredients. All these additional components expose the body to a number of chronic, inflammatory processes, which is why the effect of the Atkins Diet can be still felt today. More than ever before, popular food products are making people sick, tired, and bloated. The Atkins is not an alternative, but rather it establishes healthy eating patterns through sensible food choices. Once those choices are made, people begin to realize how much better they feel almost immediately.

And for that reason alone, we gratefully say thank you and happy birthday to Dr. Robert Atkins. Clearly ahead of his time, Dr. Atkins wisdom, dedication, humor, and unwavering stance on health live on.

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