Ultrafast CT Scan: Prevent Heart Disease & Cancer

Ultrafast CT ScanUltrafast, full-body CT scan, which uses a combination of advanced computer technology, is quickly becoming the highest standard in medical imaging. With the invention of this non-invasive scan, individuals now have the ability to discover blockages easier, and they can see if those same blockages were causing a lack of perfusion to the heart. As opposed to your standard X-ray, an ultra-fast CT scan shows “unique” slices of the body. These slices can be applied to any part of the body, including bones, fat, and organs, plus they are more detailed than any X-ray imaginable.

To properly diagnose the heart, it’s important to capture more than what’s on the generally on the surface. Ultrafast CT scans go beyond. Electron beams are added up via a state-of-the-art computer, which then takes multiple images of the heart, within a single heartbeat, at a distinct point in time. The scan can also pick up on small amounts of calcium build-up within the coronary arteries too, as well as the arterial channel too. For someone in the beginning stages of coronary heart disease, ultrafast CT scan is truly a lifesaving procedure, and that goes for individuals “not” exhibiting typical symptoms also.

Not just restricted for coronary use, ultrafast CT scans can be used for suspected tumor growth, myocardial infraction, assessment of patency, pericardium, congenital, and even aortic dissection. Ultrafast CT requires little to no preparation and is extremely safe. There are no dyes, needles, or pain involved. In fact, the scan takes less than 15 minutes and requires very little general instruction. Stress test and lifestyle are all important assessment factors, but nothing can compare to the overall effectiveness of an ultrafast CT scan.

To find out more if ultrafast CT is right for you, please contact us.

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