Probiotics Balance Blood Pressure

Probiotics and Blood PressureProbiotics, the friendly gut fighters, allow for all human life to thrive and flourish. In an unbalanced gastro-type situation, other forms of so-called “bad” bacteria can work against the healthier counterparts, making it very important to replenish and put back more good than bad. In fact, new research is showing that probiotics have the potential to even lower high blood pressure, leading to a more healthier cardiovascular response.

Published in the July 21 journal of Hypertension, the study, which focused on 543 adults with either normal or elevated blood pressure, looked at information gathered from a total of nine studies that examined the relationship between probiotics and blood pressure.

When researchers analyzed the data, they noticed the bacteria takers had a 3.6 millimeter reduction in systolic pressure and a 2.4 millimeter reduction in diastolic pressure. More importantly, the individuals who seemed to have the highest elevated blood pressure and, who happened to take a multi-strain probiotic, experienced the most positive effects.

Probiotics come in supplement form, but they also are naturally present in a variety of cultured foods, such as yogurt, sauerkraut, natto, sour milk, various cheeses, and kefir. Lacto-fermentation, a process in which bacteria feed on the sugars and starches in a bacteria-like starter base, create lactic acid, an extremely efficient fuel source that’s preferred by the heart and muscles during exercise. Not only does this process preserve the food, but it also creates b-vitamins, Omega-3’s, fatty acids, and other vitamin byproducts along the way. Budget friendly and easy to absorb, cultured foods are a great way to boost bacteria and nutrient intake.

With a powerful multi-strain probiotic supplement and a wide variety of cultured foods, it’s possible to influence healthy blood pressure and establish a strong, non-overreacting immune system. ​

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