Vitamin C + Lysine = Natural Plaque Reducer

healthy older coupleNew research! The marriage of a vitamin C and lysine combination can prevent plaque build-up, strengthen artery walls, boost immunity, and prevent infections. Without vitamin C and lysine our vessel walls become weak, allowing for cracks and clots. This can lead to a heart attack or stroke.

Dr. W. Gifford-Jones performed a self-study in which he took mega doses of vitamin C and lysine after suffering a heart attack, rather than taking cholesterol-lowering drugs (statins). 16 years later, he is now 90 years old, and speaks about his wise health choice!

Vitamin C is a natural nutrient found in many fruits and veggies. Humans are one of the few species that do not produce vitamin C. In contrast, most other mammals including dogs and cats do produce it, discovered by Dr. Linus Pauling, Nobel Prize Winner. They have a natural ability to increase vitamin C production when injured or if they develop an infection. Vitamin C is needed for collagen formation, which holds our vessels together. Most importantly, dogs and cats do not get coronary artery disease or plaque build up in their arteries!

Lysine is an essential amino acid known for its antiviral effects. An essential amino acid needs to be supplemented (our body does not produce it), vs. non-essential, which is produced within the body. In addition, it strengthens vessel walls (i.e. arteries). This is important because it can also prevent plaque build-up.

The combination of these two nutrients works synergistically, meaning together, to aid in your health and wellness! A few of the other benefits of these are; prevention of plaque build-up, decrease in uric acid (gout), lowered blood pressure, and nourishment for dry skin and splitting nails.

One more bit of research if you are not yet convinced!… Dr. Bush, an optometrist gave his patient’s 6,000 milligrams (mg) of vitamin C and 4,000mg of lysine for 1 year. He took before and after pictures of the retina in their eyes. After 1 year of supplementation, low and behold, these fragile vessels that often become damaged in diabetic patients, and as we age, had actually prevented blockages and repaired the damage!

Basically, a glass of orange juice isn’t going to do the trick. It is recommended to build up your daily dose to 5,000-10,000mg of vitamin C and 2,500mg of lysine. This is available in powder or pill form. The only reported side effect is a possibility of diarrhea. To avoid this start out at a lower dose and work your way up. Luckily, no toxicity of these two nutrients has been documented. I know that Dr. Salerno has the powder form sitting on his desk, and takes it daily! I am Nicole Srednicki, the new nurse practitioner around the office, and I have read enough about these nutrients to now want to partake in this natural wonder combination. I mixed the powder with about 6oz of water today. Cheers!

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