How To Eat Organic On A Budget

Isn’t it unfair that the foods your body needs most are often less affordable than unhealthy foods? There is no doubt that eating organic is an investment – but is your health an investment worth making? I say, ABSOLUTELY. Better health = better quality of life = less doctors appointments = less doctor prescriptions.

We have a few #OrganicHacks that are sure to save you a few dollars. Presenting to you, “How To Eat Organic On A Budget.”

Buy In Bulk

  • Unpackaged foods from bulk dispensers, such as oats, beans, lentils, and nuts are a great way to stretch your dollar.
  • Find out which fruits and vegetables are in season, since those will typically be the cheapest, thus making it easier to stock up.
  • Costco has a large selection of organic staples, all of which are available in bulk sizes.
  • Aim to buy organic packaged items in bulk whenever they are on sale.

Find And Use Coupons

  • Take advantage of “Buy One, Get One Free” sales whenever you can, which will also help when trying to buy in bulk too!
  • Check online for coupons and deals before you head to the store. There are tons of coupon websites to be found just by Googling.
  • Follow your favorite product’s social media pages, since they often host weekly specials and coupons exclusively for those who follow.
  • Most stores will accept competitors coupons, so don’t be afraid to try to get all those same deals at your local market.


  • Grow your own herbs, since organic herbs tend to be some of the more overpriced organic items in the grocery store.
  • Learning to can and pickle the fruits and veggies you grow can make your garden last into the colder months.
  • You could even give your garden extras as gifts to family and friends, saving you money on material items, while also cutting down on waste!


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