5 Ways to Move More and Age Less

You’re busy, too busy. You have a lot of things to do, and on top of that are your personal fitness goals. Stay in shape. Get toned and lean. Feel and look good. That is a lot of pressure, and not enough time. What can you do about it?

There is never enough time! But with these 5 steps, you can improve your fitness in no time.

Turn Your Workday into a Workout

Your hours are precious. Sometimes it is too difficult to get to the gym because of life’s many demands. So bring the gym with you to your workspace. Imagine your workspace is your gym. Let the stairs be your stepmill, instead of taking the elevator.

Did someone drop a stack of files? Pick them up, and perform a squat each time you do it.

That office room that no one uses might be the best place to get your work done alone, and  sneak in a few tricep dips while you are taking a break.

The opportunities are endless, just use your imagination!

Turn Up Your Workday Workout With A PR

Set goals for your mini office workouts. Runners call it a PR, or a Personal Record. A personal record is the best performance for a specific workout. Do you have to walk up ten flights of stairs to reach your workspace? Walk up the first day and record your time. Every day after, try to beat that time. Not only will you burn calories, you’ll improve your fitness. Feel those calf muscles burn!

Afternoon Delight (Or Just A Quick Snack)

Making whoopie is a natural way to reduce cortisol, a hormone known to contribute to fat production and weaken bones. Grab that special someone and have a little fun! (Don’t forget all those calories burnt from the workout. Wink.)

Chairperson Of The Bored

Feeling bored, lethargic, or tired? Get out of your chair!

A 15 minute walk around your workspace can help. Keeping your body moving keeps your blood flowing, which is busy distributing vital nutrients. Not only is it a mini cardio session but being out amongst people increases social bonding, which reduces stress, reduced stress leads to reduced cortisol production.

Double-Bag It!

Carrying those heavy bags from Whole Foods can be a struggle, until you heat it up by turning it into a workout. Use those heavy grocery bags as kettlebells. To lower your carbon footprint, use reusable bags of high quality, it lowers the risk of the bags breaking. Shoulder shrugs? Done. Bicep curls? 3 sets of 12 reps, finished! Squats and lunges, you are all set.  By the end of your 15 minute stroll from the store to your bungalow, you’ll have toned up some muscles and broken a sweat.

After a hard day’s work, and workout, you deserve your rest!

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