Eat Here Now! Our Top 4 places to eat at in NYC!

If you live in New York City, (or visiting) you know that it is, indeed, a mecca for amazing food, not to mention, super healthy. Let’s face it, there are restaurants and burger joints and then there are Restaurants and Burger Joints worth waiting in line for.  Being that where we source our ingredients from is important, we decided to compile a list of places so that you know the food you are enjoying is better for you and the environment, too.

BRGR. Enough said, BRGR is a place where you can sit down and just have a really delicious burger. Specializing in grass-fed beef burgers and hot dogs, they also have all-natural turkey and veggie burgers, too. You can order a specific item from the menu, or build your own burger. Would you like cheese, avocado, applewood bacon, or a fried egg on your burger? You got it. Not only does BRGR have great meat, but it also offers menu items with healthy fats that we like to add to all of our meals. Get your burger wrapped in lettuce and forego the bun. You will not be disappointed, I promise!


HU Kitchen. HU Kitchen is above and beyond your average “healthy restaurant”. The focus here is on really, really, great food, uncompromising ingredients and a revolutionary event for your taste buds. The experience here will leave you utterly surprised with the simplicity and purity of the ingredients.  With items like 100% grass-fed beef meatloaf, fresh organic veggie juices, organic breakfast options, and oh, did we mention, their own gourmet line of insanely good dark chocolate!  The pure food philosophy is a selling point and a reason to check this place out. HU Kitchen seeks to be gluten-free unless otherwise marked and they do not use GMOs. The focus is on utilizing the BEST ingredients; choosing to use healthy sweeteners, plants, organic meats and healthy fats.  Put this place at the top of your list!


BareBurger. Grass-fed beef is just the beginning of this burger haven. You will find bison, elk, duck, and wild boar available on a consistent basis, with special meats such as kangaroo available at certain times, as well. Described as an “eco-conscious regional burger chain,” they dot the landscape of NYC; You can find at least 7 in Manhattan alone, and a lot more locations popping up all over other states and countries, too.  With a menu that also caters to the gluten free crowd, its no wonder there is always a line to get in. Definitely, worth the wait!


ABC Kitchen. Michelin star rated, Chef Jean-George Vongerichten, produces a new menu each season. The food comes as local as possible and the “menu is free of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, insecticides, antibiotics, hormones, is GMO-free, and naturally and humanely sourced.” With dishes like Charred Octopus, Grilled Beef Tenderloin and Maitake Mushrooms with Goat cheese, it’s obvious why reservations have to be made well in advance just to get into this fantastic restaurant. The food and ambiance is absolutely spectacular! ABC Kitchen represents the culmination of the talents of the slow food movement. Drop everything and go there, now!

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