Dr Salerno Weighs in on Processed Meat Warning from World Health Organization

Avoid Processed Meat! Do Not Avoid Organic, Grass fed & Nitrate free Meat!

Yes, you should avoid processed meats, they contain chemicals, fillers and ingredients that we really shouldn’t be eating. However, this does not apply to Organic, Grass-Fed & Nitrate Free meat.

The latest study published from the World Health Organization showed a small increase in colorectal cancer from the consumption of processed meat. Processed meats are clearly problemat-ic. They contain known carcinogens. Not only is organic, grass fed, and nitrate free meat non-toxic, it is actually healthy and nutritious. This distinction cannot be understated.

Misleading the public with headlines like “Bacon Causes Cancer” is not only dangerous, but undermines the importance of avoiding the real hazards of eating foods high in sugar, starch and high fructose corn syrup. By avoiding meat this will cause an increase in starch and carbohydrate consumption, and the consequences will then be catastrophic.

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