Heavy Metals & Chelation Therapy

What are heavy metals?

By now, most of us have heard of heavy metals, however, the problem is that most of us are not fully aware of all the dangers and long term side effects they actually have. Heavy metal toxicity  has been linked to plethora of diseases and disorders such as neurological disorders, Parkinson’s, Alzheimers, Multiple sclerosis, skin conditions, metabolic disorders, hormonal imbalances, digestive issues, inflammation, just to name a few. Not all metals are this harmful, in fact, some are necessary such as zinc and iron, in the correct amounts, of course. The ones you want to be extra cautious with would be lead,mercury, aluminum, cadmium, thallium, arsenic and nickel. Even though we listed some toxic metals, aside from that we also have some other toxic materials such as fluoride, BPA, herbicides and formaldehydes that we should avoid, as well.


What contains heavy metals?

You would be surprised at all things that contains heavy metals, and I mean at levels that can be toxic. They are found in non-stick cookware and some stainless steel, dental fillings, children’s toys, costume jewelry,household cleaners, makeup, personal care products like deodorants and antiperspirants, packaged food items, seafood, tuna, commercially grown meats, certain herbs and supplements,  some types of tea, canned goods and now even some vegetables like kale. The interesting thing is that heavy metals can be found in the soil of both organic and non organic farms. This can come from a variety of things such as coal burning plants, car emissions and even paint chips.


What is Chelation therapy ?

Chelation therapy involves intravenous infusions of a compound called Ethylenediamine Tetra acetic acid (EDTA). EDTA binds to the heavy metals(iron, arsenic, aluminum, lead) in the bloodstream, then is carried out and eliminated through the kidneys, then through urine. EDTA is also used as an intravenous infusion used to remove and clean out the calcium deposits from hardened arteries, which in turn can reduce the risk of heart conditions, particularly in diabetes.  Chelation is set up in sessions sprout through a period of weeks or months, (depending on the individual), and can range between 10 to 30  sessions.  Chelation treatments can last up to 1 hour, (again, depending on the individual) and you are able to sit and relax while receiving treatment.

Chelation is not only used to treat but, also prevent issues like strokes, heart attacks, circulatory conditions, coronary artery disease and atherosclerosis It’s important to know while chelation can help tremendously, you also have to take into consideration your health status.

Chelation is not for everyone and is not recommended for children and pregnant women. Each individual requires a full work-up prior to being considered for chelation therapy.

Calcium EDTA is FDA approved for lead toxicity.


How you can minimize and avoid exposure

It’s extremely difficult to avoid All heavy metal exposure, however, there are ways to minimize risk.

  • Eat non processed foods, without packaging and cans
  • Consume dairy that is organic, raw and unpasteurized only
  • Avoid commercial meats and consume only Grass Fed meats
  • Avoid bottled waters and drink plenty of filtered water
  • Avoid cosmetics that contain metals: lipstick, foundations, mascara, eyeliners, blush, bronzers
  • Supplement with a good quality Multi Vitamin and Multi Mineral
  • Take plenty of high quality Omega 3 fatty acids
  • Choose toothpastes that don’t contain fluoride and avoid deodorants and antiperspirants containing aluminum and fragrances
  • If you are receiving vaccines, ask for the mercury free version of it
  • Use glass and not plastic to drink and eat from
  • Avoid smoking and secondhand smoke
  • Avoid sugar and eat food locally grown, organic and in season
  • Exercise daily and get your body moving
  • Be certain to get plenty of rest
  • Don’t be afraid to use Infrared Saunas, these are great for detoxing

If you need further information on specific toxins in cosmetics, food or the environment, the Environmental Working Group has a database of toxic chemicals to look out for.  www.environmentalworkinggroup.com

If you believe you are having symptoms related to toxin exposure, feel free to contact our office to see Dr Salerno for an evaluation.

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