Proper B Vitamins a Must in MTHFR

It is imperative that we all get tested for mthfr, a genetic blood test which can predict our risk for heart disease, blood clots, depression,toxicity, cancer and potentially cancer and Alzheimer’s.

At the Salerno Center we will measure for several genes and devise a supplement plan based on the results. If there is the presence of one or more copies of the mthfr genes then we will give our vitamin called Activated B Factor. This vitamin contain the natural or methylated forms of b12, folic acid and b6. This is essential as it will keep levels of homocysteine low. Regular b vitamins will not work!

Homocysteine is the blood protein that will cause the predisposition to heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s, etc. It will also allow our bodies to detox from heavy metals and other environmental influences. Additionally if our patients are positive for any copy of the gene, heavy metal testing should be done. SAME and other nutrients should be considered depending upon the genetic results,

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