Gluten Allergies? Don’t Forget to Address the Yeast

With gluten allergies do not forget to address the yeast. Gluten sensitivity is an ever growing health issue with multiple complications! For example, many of our patients at the Salerno Center will show very poor absorption levels of vitamins, fats and proteins that require iv nutrient therapy. These gluten sensitive patients often additionally show a high level of candida yeast overgrowth in the bowels!

So gluten sensitive patients are then always placed on a yeast free diet for at least a month. This diet avoids all fermented items including cheese, vinegar and mushrooms. Mozzarella and cream cheese are allowed. Ketchup, mustard, many salad dressing and wine and beer must be avoided!

In addition, we use Yeast Factor, a potent, natural anti-yeast nutrient with Ultra Probiotic and Digestive Reflux Factor both of which help normalize bowel flora and heal inflamed intestinal cells caused by gluten sensitivity and concomitant yeast overgrowth.

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