Can Alzheimer’s be caused by an infection?

Intriguing new research today from Harvard and Massachusetts Hospital has demonstrated a possible link between infection and Alzheimer’s disease.

Scientists have discovered that when neurons are grown in Petri dishes then exposed to infection, a large amount of amyloid plaque is formed around the infecting agent. Amyloid is the protein found in Alzheimer’s. The same process was reproduced in mice brains. It appears that amyloid functions as an immune response protein, but brains of Alzheimer’s cannot clear it effectively as it becomes a waste product after fighting the infection.

The amyloid actually forms a spider web type of embrace around the infection. If this complex is cleared efficiently there is no cognitive damage. It appears there is a genetic link whereas some mice can clear some can’t. Is it possible that herpes, Lyme disease, candida etc can cause Alzheimer’s? Can boosting our immune systems or the presence of a gene called apo e 2, protect us?

Research will continue in this area and it will be interesting to follow. Candida overgrowth can cause symptoms of brain fog which can mimic cognitive dysfunction. Heavy metal exposure will weaken immunity and allow candida, Lyme, Herpes to perpetrate our brains and potentially precipitate Alzheimer’s. Kris Kristoffersen, the great singer, actor-songwriter who for several years was suffering from memory loss which his doctors diagnosed as Alzheimer’s, has made a remarkable recovery. He has tested positive for Lymes disease instead and is being treated for such. This case emphasizes the importance of testing for infectious diseases whenever memory loss is suspected.

Checking for metal toxicity as well as infections in memory loss would seem logical. Detoxing, yeast free, low carb diets as well as high dose Vitamin C IV with antibiotics, when needed, may offer hope for a rapidly evolving disease!

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