Chromium 6 in Drinking Water Gains Worldwide Attention

Since the movie in 2000, Erin Brockovich, played by Julia Roberts, chromium 6 has gained worldwide attention as a major contributor to cancer and other health issues. While the movie had a typical happy Hollywood ending, chromium 6 is showing up now more than ever in drinking water across the nation. In fact, 31 of 35 cities tested showed levels of chromium 6 including the very town in California, Hinkley to which the movie was based. In Hinkley, chromium 6 was used to cool the pumping station of Pacific Gas and Electric and was dumped in unlined holding ponds.

Norman, Oklahoma, and Honolulu, Hawaii have among the highest amounts tested. As the movie elucidated, chromium 6 caused a very high cluster of cancer in Hinkley. Chromium 6 levels in our bodies can be detected by a urine challenge test. At the Salerno Center, we can measure an additional 13 toxic metals stored in our body tissues through a comprehensive blood workup. We then use oral and iv chelation to get rid of these toxins. In addition, the best way to clear chromium 6, fluoride, barium, arsenic and other metals from our water is to use a reverse osmosis system.

This is a moderately expensive but highly effective system. While the federal government has not issued guidelines for acceptable levels of chromium 6, logic dictates that there should be no level detected in our waters, whatsoever. Since there exists the possibility of skin absorption, chromium 6 filters should be placed on any water that is entering the home. This will assure that shower or bath water does not enter through our skin. While chromium 6 has gotten most of the recent attention, we must not forget of other toxins which pervade our drinking water. Detoxing ourselves and our water is paramount to good health!

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