How Broccoli Can Help Your Hormones

Many different people will talk to you about the latest superfood. It usually has some exotic name and has a very unique regional history that predates the modern age and showcases the wonderful strengths of certain people. The chia seed is known for its nutritional value and having roots in Latin America. But there are also staples of the American diet that can be known for their nutritional values and reflect the unassuming nature of the hard workers.

One of those staples is the vegetable, broccoli. Originating from the Mediterranean region, it was most likely introduced to the Americas as early as the 1700s. Since then, this vegetable has been steamed,  sautéed, boiled, roasted, pureed, and served on tables as a nutrient-packed powerhouse. Take out that nutritional guidebook and check out some of the facts behind the many nutrients found in broccoli. It contains the well-known antioxidant and immune boosting vitamin C, the bone-strengthening vitamin K, and is high in fiber. Broccoli also has a multitude of other minerals including calcium, magnesium, vitamin B-6 and iron. These are just the basic nutrients because broccoli has special chemicals that can help with everything from managing arthritis symptoms to helping deal with cancerous cells.

Also, broccoli is a vegetable, contains fewer calories than almost all carbs. This means that the nutrients you are receiving on are also helping to keep you lean. Totaling only about 31 calories for one cup serving of broccoli, this plentiful veggie also delivers a kind of anti-cancer class of chemicals called phytonutrients. One of these unique and important phytonutrients is called sulforaphane, which has many beneficial properties. These can help regulate hormones which aid in metabolism and overall well-being.

While broccoli is simple to cook, there is a consideration to take when using heat on it. Boiling can often strip the broccoli of some of its most vital nutrients. The heat and water can leach some of those nutrients, so lightly steaming the broccoli is an option to make the broccoli palatable and easy to digest. Remember to choose organic broccoli as much as possible, because a healthy soil biology means that the broccoli can draw all of those minerals and nutrients from the ground. This can help you get all those needed nutrients in without the pesticide overload.

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