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Inflammation is a healing process. This is only in the case of a short-term response. Long-term fluid buildup in body tissue contributes to many issues later in life. And chronic inflammation is more common as we continue to eat processed foods and live sedentary lifestyles. As we age, that inflammation can age our bodies faster. However, researchers have found a link between a common morning habit and living longer through fighting inflammation’s harmful side effects.

The secret to decreasing signs of aging, especially related to chronic inflammation, is drinking coffee. Or rather, the intake of caffeine from coffee that determined the benefit. Researchers from Stanford University’s School of Medicine looked at studies involving the many diseases that occur from inflammation and increase in severity with aging. They also examined studies looking at caffeine and its impact in prolonging life. What was the key behind coffee’s ability to seemingly prolong life?

The issue was in identifying how inflammation impacts aging in certain ways. They looked at something called metabolites, which are compound that are used to build nucleic acid, the stuff that our DNA is made up of. Apparently, metabolites that come as a result of inflammation often aid in the aging of cells and can contribute to certain chronic diseases that come with old age. Coffee, and more specifically, the caffeine that comes from coffee, has their own metabolites that counteract the impact of inflammatory metabolites. Interesting is the fact that other sources of caffeine tend to contain metabolites which also combat inflammation and its symptoms. Tea, for instance.

The study was important because the inflammatory response only occurred in some people. While the benefits of coffee, and the caffeine that came with it, impacted everyone, it only had an effect on that specific inflammatory process. Regardless if your body is the type that produces this inflammatory process later on in life is the fact that good diet and preventive maintenance can reduce the symptoms of aging, which include many diseases that come later on in life. Choosing good quality coffee or tea can be a benefit to your body. Here are some tips on what to do when choosing them.

Choose Organic When Possible

As always, organic coffee and tea is much cleaner for the body than processed coffee. Fresh coffee or tea is important, too. Any extra industrial processes that food goes through can add extra ingredients which may not be healthy to the body. Some coffees might be contaminated with molds that are mycotoxins so always choose organic. I personally like Bulletproof coffee, its clean and has superior quality.

Monitor Your Caffeine Intake

Just because coffee has caffeine that is healthy for the body does not mean that a lot of coffee is good for everyone. A reasonable amount on a daily basis is good, but too much caffeine can cause its own kind of health concerns. Increased caffeine can heighten a person’s senses, increase anxiety, and put undue stress on your heart by quickening its pace.

Use Good Ingredients

Coffee and tea might taste good on its own, but, of course, people always add extra things to it like sugar and milk. The best way to reap coffee’s benefits is not to add sugar and drink it black or with grass fed butter or pastured cream and organic coconut oil or MCT oil. This helps with cognitive function and metabolism.

So, to put it in better terms, a coffee a day keeps you healthy and at play!

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