Novel New Supplement May Reduce Coronary Artery Plaque and Prevent Heart Disease

Doctor Linus Pauling was a phenomenal genius who won the noble prize for his work on the structure of DNA. His extensive research on Vitamin C and amino acids are world renown. The benefits of Vitamin C include fighting infection and shortening the length of the common cold. We understand that Vitamin C can be wonderful for the immune system, but when combined with the amino acids, lysine, and proline, a whole new level of healing occurs in the body. That understanding has been bolstered by the work of Doctor Linus Pauling and is shared through Oregon State University’s Linus Pauling Institute, Micronutrient Information Center.

While a standard cholesterol panel is great for measuring total cholesterol, it only gives us half of the information we actually need. The little-known diagnostic test called Lipoprotein(a) is the best test for measuring both genetic risks for coronary heart disease and risk of heart attacks and strokes. Generally, statin drugs, while they help to lower cholesterol, aren’t the best option when trying to reduce a high Lp(a). Throughout my years of practice, I have found that Vitamin C, along with proline and lysine, is one of the best ways to lower inflammation associated with a high Lp(a). One of Vitamin C’s many purposes is to strengthen the arteries and support heart health. This is done at many levels, in conjunction with the amino acids, lysine, and proline.

Lp(a) is a form of cholesterol found in the human aorta. Lp(a) is the most abundant cholesterol particle in plaque. Imagine a flat piece of cardboard and continually bending it in the same spot. After a while, the cardboard weakens and becomes thinner and more vulnerable to breakage. This is similar to the walls of the arteries. While normally collagen is bound together with lysine, it would now be stretched apart, hanging by a thread, and significantly damaged. These strands of lysine bind to circulating lipoproteins(a) which in turn increases your risk for heart disease, dramatically. When this happens, plaque continues to build until arteries become narrower and now heart attack risk is extremely prevalent.

Taking Lysine, (between 2 – 4 grams per day), allows for the extra to attach itself to the receptor site on the lipoprotein (a) molecules, causing it to deactivate and prevent it from attaching to the wall of the artery, thus preventing the buildup of plaque. Furthermore, Vitamin C and Lysine are critical for building much-needed collagen to strengthen the arteries. Lysine and proline are the most important amino acids used to make collagen. Collagen is known as the body’s go-to substance for healing.

Doctor Pauling sought to understand the mystery of what could repair arteries without the need for unnecessary medications. With the help of other researchers, he identified Vitamin C, Proline, and Lysine as some of the core components that play a role in naturally supplementing heart health. These were three very important nutrients that could help repair the cardiovascular system. With the knowledge that Vitamin C is an immune system supporter, it is safe to say the job of repairing arteries, and blood streams falls on that. However, what happens when plaque manages to get in the way, clogging arteries, or breaking off as hardened parts and making cuts into the bloodstream as it passes along?

So, the intersection of Vitamin C, proline, and lysine are important in this matter. Because Vitamin C works as a coordinator for healing, while it is the job of amino acids to provide the collagen that is the building block for this healing. They clear out the plaque and can repair the damaged collagen lining in arterial walls, keeping your bloodstream flowing blood with as little interruption, and potential for heart disease, as possible.

Producing collagen in the body is a bit more difficult because the body cannot make lysine and proline easily, so supplementation is critical. With this in mind, I formulated our Vitamin C Factor. It not only contains the purest form of vitamin c but also contains 3000 milligrams of lysine and 1500 milligrams of proline. Our Vitamin C Factor supports heart health and aids in preventing the buildup of plaque in the arterial walls.

If you are worried about possible cardiovascular problems in the future and want to treat it effectively and naturally, consider the supplementation based on Pauling’s research, our Vitamin C Factor.

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