Podcast – Hyperbaric Chamber Oxygen Therapy Benefits

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Podcast Interview:

RC: Hello everyone, this is Liz Harvey coming to you from our studios in New York City where we are dedicated to bringing you top quality advice from many of the leading expert professionals across the U.S. In today’s episode, we are speaking with Dr. John Salerno, founder of the Salerno Center for Complementary Medicine in Manhattan on East 55nd Street between 5th and Madison Avenue. Lauded as an international pioneer in the field of anti-aging, Dr. Salerno’s techniques have been proven to slow the aging process and encourage a healthy and vitality-filled life for his patients through natural treatments.

Dr. Salerno is well known for his vitamin IVs, weight-loss treatments and chelation therapy. He is the author of two books, Fight Fat with Fat and Salerno Solutions.

Today we are going to talk about a very important topic: Hyperbaric Chamber NYC Oxygen Therapy Benefits

RC: Hello Dr. Salerno, how are you today?

Dr. John Salerno: Hi, Liz. Very good, thank you. Thanks for having me.

RC: Well, thanks for joining me.

What is a hyperbaric chamber and how does it work?

Dr. John Salerno: A hyperbaric chamber is a chamber that we have here in my office at the Salerno Center, in New York, which is a stand-up which makes it unique. It’s a chamber where oxygen is delivered under 1.3 atmospheres of pressure. While sitting in there enclosed, you will have oxygen generally delivered to all cells of the body irregardless of poor circulation, etc.

What health conditions does the hyperbaric chamber help to treat?

Dr. John Salerno: Well, besides the obvious treatments like for divers who have the bends and/or patients who have problems with wound healing, we have been using it for concussion, dementia, memory loss. We can use it for patients that have joint and rheumatoid conditions. We’ve seen it with post-concussion and traumatic brain injuries, Parkinson’s, other neurological diseases. We’ve been using it for other conditions with very, very good results.

What are the biggest benefits of hyperbaric chamber oxygen therapy?

Dr. John Salerno: The biggest benefits is that it will allow for tremendous amounts of oxygen delivery to areas of the body that may be depleted because of cardiovascular issues and/or just poor circulation. We can bypass these issues with hyperbaric and we can get great results typically neurologically speaking.

How is the hyperbaric chamber used for athletes to improve performance?

Dr. John Salerno: It allows for pre and post recovery in athletes because (as we said) it delivers oxygen under pressure so it will hyper-oxygenate (so to speak) all the cells of a body including muscles and cardiac systems so that energy will improve and it will decrease the amount of lactic acid that is produced after an athletic performance by our athletes. Recovery and the issues with the muscle and joint pains are reduced. And prior to their actual athletic performance, they will increase their amount of energy to the mitochondrial energy section of the cells.

Lastly, what is a typical therapy session like for a client using the hyperbaric oxygen chamber?

Dr. John Salerno: Typical session lasts about an hour and a patient will have an oxygen mask on so they’ll be breathing in pure oxygen. They will be in the chamber getting oxygen under the 1.3 atmospheres of pressure. They will stay in (typically as I said) about an hour, and then we will let them out after that time. They will come out generally feeling energized and refreshened.

RC: Great. Thank you so much, Dr. Salerno. We know you’re extremely busy so I just want to thank you for your time and your help today.

Dr. John Salerno: Thank you, Liz. My pleasure.

RC: For our listeners across the country, if you are interested in speaking with the doctor, please visit call 866-582-7454 to schedule an appointment. On behalf of our team, we want to thank you for listening, and we look forward to bringing you more top quality content from our country’s leading experts.

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