The Health Benefits of Swimming

Health Benefits of Swimming
Summer is in high gear, and the weather is warm, making it the perfect time to go for a swim. It doesn’t matter if you are swimming in a pool, in the bay, or in the ocean, there’s nothing better than taking a refreshing dip on a hot summer day. The water feels cool and refreshing when you are hot and sweaty, plus, it’s a great way to reduce your weight and stay in shape! Swimming is a great, low-impact workout that doesn’t usually feel like you are working out because it’s so much fun and is easy on your body. The best part is there are various techniques for swimming, making it easier to work different muscle groups and change up your workout.

Swimming is a fun summer activity that has many health advantages, especially if you are looking to stay toned or lose weight. So if you need more reasons on why you should be in the water more this summer season, continue reading to learn more about the health benefits of swimming.

• Going for a refreshing swim is an excellent way to burn calories. In fact, swimming can burn as equal or greater calories as jumping on the treadmill or going out for a run, depending on your intensity and the stroke you choose. The best part is you don’t even have to worry about getting sweat in your eyes!

• If you are looking for a fun and refreshing way to stay flexible, go for a swim. While this should never take the place of stretching on your own, the repetitive motions that you perform during each stroke can help you with your flexibility. This is because with every stroke you have to pull, reach, twist, and stretch your way through the water to get anywhere.

• Let’s face it, swimmers have a great body, and that’s because swimming can improve muscle strength and definition throughout the entire body. Swimming is a low-impact workout, yes, but it’s one that works your whole body at once. Not a lot of other sports can give you the same effect, which is why swimming is one of the best aerobic exercises to do if you want an effective total body workout.

• If you are looking for a healthy and effective way to lower your stress and help with depression, then go get your endorphin kick by taking a swim. Exercising can give you a ‘high’ (think ‘runner’s high’) that brings with it a bunch of feel-good emotions and thoughts, which translates into a body that feels good. The mind-body connection is very real, so it’s no surprise that many people feel good after going for a swim.

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