Low Carb Diet Tips for the Holiday Season

In this day and age, if there is one thing there is no shortage of, its diets. It seems like every time you turn around there’s a new weight-loss “secret”; however, one diet that has stood the test of time is low-carbohydrate. At a recent meeting of the Obesity Society, Dr. David Ludwig of Boston Children’s Hospital presented the findings of his study in which patients seeking weight loss were placed into two groups based on carbohydrate intake. Dr. Ludwig found that subjects in the low-carbohydrate group not only lost weight more rapidly, but also had more success in keeping off the weight that they lost. Additionally, the low-carb diet enabled the subjects to burn approximately 200 extra calories per day. Therefore, while it can be difficult to sift through all of the diet fodder both online and on the bookshelves, one thing is certain: low-carb works.

Here are some tips for maintaining a low-carb diet this holiday season:

  • Set realistic goals: with holiday celebrations inevitably comes cookies, cakes, and festive spirits, and it may seem impossible to resist everything. So, instead of trying to avoid all of the sweets and treats, set goals that are easier to keep. Indulge in just one or two gingerbread men instead of eating the whole house.
  • Bring your own healthy dish: bringing your own snack to the party guarantees that you’ll have at least one low-carb option for the evening, and may set your mind at ease when making choices at the dessert table. Try out some alternative low-carb recipes for your favorite holiday dish and surprise your friends with how tasty your healthy options can be!
  • Socialize instead of snacking: make a conscious effort this season to indulge in the the real joy the festivities bring – spending quality time with family and friends. While parties always present plenty of options for snacking, its also a great time to catch up with loved ones. Try shifting your focus away from the food and onto the fun and you’ll have fewer high-carb regrets.
  • Gift some party favors: everybody loves a good parting gift! This holiday send your guests home with packages of leftover goodies. This way you’ll have less temptation to indulge in the leftovers, and you can get away with giving away at least a few less expensive gifts. Just don’t forget to wrap it in a bow!
  • Grab a glass: when it comes to holiday carb consumption, it doesn’t stop with the food. Many festive beverages tend to be high in sugar, and can be a major source of carbs that goes unnoticed. Try swapping out the eggnog for a low carb beer or glass of champagne, and you’ll be sipping smarter.
  • Give yourself some grace this holiday: finally, don’t forget to be kind to yourself and your body this holiday season. If you find yourself overindulging at one or two parties, don’t beat yourself up. Take every day as a new opportunity to set healthy goals and do your best to stick to them. Take time to rest, recharge, and enjoy this holiday season with the ones you love most.

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