Healthy Halloween Candy Alternatives

Healthy Halloween Candy Alternatives

Halloween is around the corner, and even though this holiday is fun and exciting, many have a complicated relationship with this holiday. If you are health conscious, you may not approve of your child trick or treating, or maybe your child has a severe food allergy. Severe food allergies can make this holiday downright scary. You may not even have children, but don’t like the idea of handing out high-sugar snacks that could set off a child’s sensitivities or allergies. Luckily there are fun, healthy Halloween candy alternatives available if you want to make a positive change, and hopefully, inspire others to start following suit.

If you are looking for healthy Halloween candy alternatives to hand out this year, consider adding some of these healthy Halloween handouts to your lot of spooky treats.

If You Want to Hand Out Food

Besides looking for the organic label, you may also want to offer gluten-free and certified nut-free snacks for your spooky guests.

• Organic Candy- Luckily, if you want to stick with candy, there are plenty of natural, organic alternatives now available. Organic candy corn, lollipops, fruit leather, chocolate, and gummy fruits all make an excellent treat alternative for your trick or treaters.
• Organic Snack Packs- Organic crackers, chips, and pretzels are excellent as Halloween handouts and will not give your trick or treaters a sugar rush. Not only are these snacks healthier than candy, but they make an excellent addition to a child’s school lunch.

Looking for a Non-Food Alternative?

If having food on hand is not something you want to do, there are plenty of fun alternatives.

• Halloween Stickers – What child doesn’t love stickers?
• Temporary Tattoos – An oldie, but tattoos are timeless favorites.
• Stamps – Kids love to be creative, so help give them an outlet.
• Toys – Toy cars, slime, Play-Doh, glider airplanes, and even bouncy balls can keep a child entertained.
• Bubbles – A cheap item you can get in bulk, many children can play with bubbles for hours at a time!
• Pens/Pencils – Pens and pencils that are themed are fun for kids and practical.
• LED Light-Up Rings – Not only are light-up rings bright and colorful, but they can also help keep children safe while walking in the dark on Halloween night.
• Crayons – Another creative item that kids love; it’s hard to go wrong with crayons.
• Mini Notepads – Another practical alternative, notepads are great for school or creativity.

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