Introducing Immune Factor Plus

Immune Factor Plus
The Salerno Center is excited to announce our new product Immune Factor Plus, which is designed to potentially be effective against many viruses and to boost immunity. It consists of over 12 heavily researched nutrients that have been shown to boost immunity and destroy viruses and bacteria.

The products are all produced at an NSF and GMP facility.

  • Vitamin C is a strong antioxidant shown to boost the production of t cells to fight viruses and bacteria.
  • Vitamin A has demonstrated strong effects to ward of measles, a virus with similar architecture as COVID-19
  • Vitamin D is currently being studied for its effects on keeping COVID-19 from becoming more aggressive.
  • Lactic acid-producing probiotics have antiviral activity as demonstrated by multiple research facilities including the NIH.
  • Echinacea, goldenseal, elderberry are all antiviral.
  • Potassium blocks the entry of COVID at certain protein receptors in the lungs called ACE2.
  • Naturalin is a patented product made from pomegranate and choker which is strongly anti-inflammatory.

One of the nutrients in the product I am also impressed with is glycerol monolaurate. This is a chemical compound of glycerin and lauric acid, a medium-chain saturated fat. In lab experiments done at the Centers for Disease Control several years ago, it killed over 14 so-called envelope viruses, of which COVID-19 is part of. These viruses are distinguished by their fatty acid envelopes, and glycerol monolaurate dissolves the envelope rendering the virus incapable of grabbing on to cells and spreading!

This is a must-have nutrient, part of our new Immune Factor Plus Multi-Vitamin, designed with our immunity in mind!

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