Salerno Center is Happy to Reintroduce Carb Factor

The Salerno Center is happy to reintroduce Carb Factor, a natural nutrient designed to block the absorption of starch and help with weight gain.

Carb Factor contains an extract of white kidney bean, which through over 20 carefully designed studies, is shown to block a key

Carb Factor

enzyme that digests starch. As such, starch is not absorbed from our digestive tracts into the bloodstream.

How does this affect weight gain?

When we eat starchy foods, our body converts them to sugars in our blood. Sugar then stimulates insulin to make sure our blood glucose doesn’t rise too high. Insulin, however, at high levels, causes our body to store fat! This consequently is the premise behind the low carb diet.

Two to four capsules taken before pasta or pizza or bread can allow patients to occasionally indulge and not gain weight. It also creates variety to the Fight Fat with Fat diet. Fennel is added to the Carb Factor to enhance digestion and the effects of the white kidney bean.

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