Memory T Cells and COVID

T Cells and COVID

An article published in this week’s New York Times verified what I am seeing in my practice, T MEMORY CELLS confer long-term immunity against covid-19. Additionally, T memory cells will recognize many more particles of the spike protein, thus protecting us from other future variants.

Regular blood tests measure antibodies to covid, but data shows these antibodies will wane after four months after vaccinations. Exposure to covid or having covid, conversely, elevate t and b memory cells, the more important measurements that suggest potential lifelong immunity. While booster vaccines may impart the same protection, it is wise to have t memory cells measured first, and if elevated, likely will alleviate the need for boosters.

At the Salerno Center, we are among the first to offer this sophisticated T memory cell test for our patients to determine potential lifelong immunity to covid 19 and its variants!

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