Salerno Center Advanced Weight Loss Program

The Salerno Center is happy to announce a highly effective weight loss system, which will not only afford rapid and healthy weight loss but will allow for a younger more youthful appearance.The program is based on individual lab results including sophisticated thyroid testing and metabolic markers, which will determine what interventions are needed.For example, by doing a thyroid function test called a TRH stimulation, we can determine your specific need for thyroid supplementation and what dose is needed. This test goes well beyond the simple blood TSH test.We may do a glucose tolerance test with insulin levels which will allow us to determine your specific level of carbohydrate tolerance.Additional tests such as cortisol, other adrenals and hormones help determine what extra supplements or bio-identical hormones are needed.Lastly, weekly injections of peptides and intramuscular vitamins will insure decreased appetite, increased metabolism and weight loss. We may add a 35 to 40-minute advanced vitamin IV weight loss treatment for even more rapid but healthy weight loss.The effects of this program cannot be understated.Patients lose weight, feel more energized and look more youthful.In fact, we can measure telomere length, which is a marker of aging and is a particle in our DNA. The longer the telomere the technically younger you are.Time and again with this program we have seen a marked lengthening of our patient’s telomeres.Please call the Salerno Center to book an appointment or for more details at 212 582 1700We will make sure your weight loss resolution will become a realty!

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