Salerno Center Advanced Weight Loss Program

The Salerno Center is happy to announce a highly effective weight loss system, which will not only afford rapid and healthy weight loss but will allow for a younger more youthful appearance.The program is based on individual lab results including sophisticated thyroid testing and metabolic markers, which will determine what interventions are needed.For example, by…

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Fast Carbs Undermining Our Health

Fast carbohydrates are those starches that are absorbed quickly from our intestinal tracts. This results in these carbs is rapidly absorbed in the body and converted to glucose. This in turn causes our pancreas to release large amounts of insulin which tell our body to store fat!It also elevates cholesterol and triglycerides particularly LDL the…

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The Salerno Center uses natural thyroid medications that mimic our own production of both t3 and t4. For those who cannot take porcine-derived thyroid medications, either for allergies or for religious reasons, we offer synthetic compounded thyroid. After two to three weeks on medication, our patients are then retested with the same sophisticated testing and…

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Salerno Center Announces Unique Swiss IV Formula for Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Salerno Center Announces Unique Swiss IV Formula for Fine Lines and Wrinkles. The Salerno Center is very excited to be among the first in the States to offer this extremely unique IV vitamin formulation! Why we are so excited about this formula is that for the first time, we may administer collagen extract, hyaluronic acid…

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Revolutionary New Treatments in Anti-Aging at the Salerno Center

Semaglutide Program

The Salerno Center is excited to announce state-of-the-art protocols that are scientifically proven to delay many parameters of the aging process. Patients will lose weight, gain more energy, look more vital and youthful, and all can be demonstrated additionally by blood tests. Every patient started in this program will have extensive blood tests done, which…

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Eating Steps to Dieting Success

Fight Fat with Fat

The Road to Good Health, Normal Weight, and Long Vigorous Life Join the Fight Fat with Fat Marathon, and you can expect to lose two to five pounds a week, you will not feel hungry, and you should not suffer cravings. If you do, I will tell you what to do about them too. As…

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The Importance of Diet

Prevent Diabetes

First of all, let me repeat: You can prevent diabetes from ever developing by eating properly. Even if you already disturbed the blood sugar and insulin resistance, you can stop them in their tracks without drugs simply by changing the way you eat. This applies even if your parents and or siblings have type two…

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