What are the Signs and Symptoms of Celiac Disease?

Symptoms of Celiac Disease

A disease that can be difficult to diagnose, celiac disease is classified as an immune reaction to eating gluten. A protein commonly found in rye, barley, spelt, and wheat products, eating gluten when you have celiac disease, will trigger an immune response, which can cause inflammation and damage to occur to the small intestine. While…

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Heartburn Home Remedies that Work

Heartburn Home Remedies

At some point or another, you have likely experienced the pain of heartburn. You might have eaten something that set off your stomach, or maybe it was from a case of the nerves. If you happen to have gastroesophageal reflux disorder (GERD), heartburn may be a common occurrence. No matter where you stand with heartburn,…

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Fungi as a major cause of Crohns’s and Ulcerative Colitis

Exciting new research has shown that a fungus called Malassezia, and perhaps others like candida, play a major role in the formation of Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. Martin Lawrence, a researcher at The Malassezia Project in Montreal believes this fungus is contributing to the excessive inflammation seen with theses bowel diseases. Advanced DNA technology…

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How Gut Bacteria Affects Brain Health

Gut Bacteria and the Brain

Enteric nervous systems, probiotics, beneficial bacteria, and “wheat belly.” All of these are relatively new developments in our understanding of the gut or the complex system of digestive organs and glands combined with numerous metabolic processes that dictate the energy that fuels our cells. Even more recently is a startling new discovery of just how…

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Fight Fat With Fat Fast

Fasting with Fat

If you’re familiar with fasting, you know that it usually involves abstaining from eating some or all types of food or drink, for a certain period of time. Fasts can be done for religious reasons, medical procedures and also, for weight loss. Some fasts last for twenty four hours while others go for up to…

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Gluten Allergies? Don’t Forget to Address the Yeast

With gluten allergies do not forget to address the yeast. Gluten sensitivity is an ever growing health issue with multiple complications! For example, many of our patients at the Salerno Center will show very poor absorption levels of vitamins, fats and proteins that require iv nutrient therapy. These gluten sensitive patients often additionally show a…

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The Benefits of Digestive Enzymes

Digestive Enzymes Benefits

What are Enzymes? Enzymes are natural substances, more like proteins, that are found in all organisms, including plants, animals and humans. They help to facilitate all chemical reactions in the body. Without them, things would not work as well, and would move at a much slower pace. Digestive enzymes, specifically, aid in the digestion and…

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Eat Here Now! Our Top 4 places to eat at in NYC!

fresh salmon cuttin board pic

If you live in New York City, (or visiting) you know that it is, indeed, a mecca for amazing food, not to mention, super healthy. Let’s face it, there are restaurants and burger joints and then there are Restaurants and Burger Joints worth waiting in line for.  Being that where we source our ingredients from…

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Foods That Will Taste Better in June


Some things are just better in the summer. Everyone looks happier and feels healthier. Nature is in full bloom and no one is shy about being out and about in the sunshine! To help you really kick off the start to the heatwave, we have compiled a list of foods that taste better during the…

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