How to Stay Cool and Healthy This Summer

Summer Health Tips

With summer finally here, many of us are looking forward to some well-deserved beach time, outdoor activities, barbeques, and other fun-filled summer activities. However, sweet treats, excessive sun exposure, and the tendency to go overboard is a temptation many wrestle with when the weather heats up. The carefree summer lifestyle can quickly take over, making…

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Eat to Live: Natural Ways to Increase Glutathione

Natural Ways to Increase Glutathione

Found in virtually every cell of the human body, glutathione is critical in the body’s detoxification process. Glutathione is comprised of three amino acids – glutamate, cysteine, and glycine – and is naturally produced in the body. Great for detoxification, the highest concentration of glutathione can be found in the liver, and plays several roles…

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How to Beat the Winter Blues: Top Seasonal Depression Tips

Beat the Winter Blues

The holidays are over, and the days have become shorter. The weather is cold, and the amount of sunlight we receive daily is short-lived. Instead, the dark nights of winter take hold, and for many, this can make many people feel blue. Also known as the “winter blues,” the shorter days and lack of sunlight…

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What is Your Fitness Age?

Walk into any gym today and you’ll find a wide array of people, all of whom have their own reasons for being there. From vanity to stress-relief, achieving personal goals or gaining a competitive edge, people choose to exercise due to a whole host of different motivators. And many times, people believe that no matter…

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Nourish Your Body with These Helpful Winter Self-Care Tips

Winter Self-Care Tips

Love it or hate it, here in New York we experience the winter season, sometimes in full force. Winter is the one time out of the year that many have problems trying to find the positive aspects of the season. While the snow can be beautiful, the idea of digging your car out of the…

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The Health Benefits of Swimming

Health Benefits of Swimming

Summer is in high gear, and the weather is warm, making it the perfect time to go for a swim. It doesn’t matter if you are swimming in a pool, in the bay, or in the ocean, there’s nothing better than taking a refreshing dip on a hot summer day. The water feels cool and…

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A Sound Mind for a Healthy Body

Promote a Healthy Mind

Assuming you can have a healthy body without a healthy mind is akin to thinking you can fly a plane without going to flight school. The subject of the mind can be confusing because what we know as the mind has been defined by different specialties and disciplines. Some of these disciplines include Sociology, Anthropology,…

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The Importance of Getting Your Full Schedule of Sleep

Importance of Getting Your Full Schedule of Sleep

Sleep is one of the most important activities we engage in for good health, albeit it restfully, alongside exercise and good nutrition. Although scientists do not fully understand the role of sleep, it is very clear that sleep is good for optimal brain function. If you want to have a good memory or good decision-making…

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