5 Ways to Move More and Age Less


You’re busy, too busy. You have a lot of things to do, and on top of that are your personal fitness goals. Stay in shape. Get toned and lean. Feel and look good. That is a lot of pressure, and not enough time. What can you do about it? There is never enough time! But…

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Vitamin C + Lysine = Natural Plaque Reducer

healthy older couple

New research! The marriage of a vitamin C and lysine combination can prevent plaque build-up, strengthen artery walls, boost immunity, and prevent infections. Without vitamin C and lysine our vessel walls become weak, allowing for cracks and clots. This can lead to a heart attack or stroke. Dr. W. Gifford-Jones performed a self-study in which…

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Vitamin C Improves Heart Function

healthy heart

If you ask most individuals what vitamin they closely associate with immune health, it might be vitamin C, but good heart function rarely pops up. In fact, new research combining meta-analysis and systematic review, which investigated the clinical effects of vitamin C on endothelial function, is providing an interesting insight into this amazing free-radical scavenger.…

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Tomato Pill Promotes Blood Vessel Health


Organically grown tomatoes contain high concentrations of lycopene, an antioxidant-rich compound, which also gives them their distinct red color. According to new research conducted by Dr. Joseph Cheriyan, a consultant clinical pharmacologist and physician at the Addenbrooke’s Hospital, eating lycopene or taking lycopene in supplement form can help improve blood vessel function. The randomised, double…

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Ultrafast CT Scan: Prevent Heart Disease & Cancer

Ultrafast, full-body CT scan, which uses a combination of advanced computer technology, is quickly becoming the highest standard in medical imaging. With the invention of this non-invasive scan, individuals now have the ability to discover blockages easier, and they can see if those same blockages were causing a lack of perfusion to the heart. As…

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Major Studies Show Bioidentical Hormones May Decrease Cancer and Heart Disease

The journey from sick and tired to healthy and balanced is becoming a reality for many men and women, and bioidentical hormones are leading the way. Identical chemical messengers in every sense of the word, bioidentical hormones are completely “natural”. Unlike synthetic replacements such as Premarin, bioidentical hormones are derived from plants – which are…

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Air Pollution Causes Heart Disease

Depending on where you call home, one thing is necessary – we all need air. While the amounts of toxins that reside alongside our homes, communities, schools, and factories vary, scientists are one step closer to understanding air pollution health effects and how these contaminants affect our lungs, brain, and heart. According to a new…

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The Many Benefits of Resveratrol

Sirtuin or commonly called Sir-2 proteins have been shown to influence the process of aging, regulate transcription and programmed cell death in the body. According to a new study in Science Journal, scientists at Harvard Medical School found that resveratrol influenced the sirtuin protein directly by changing the shape of the protein in the cell.…

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A Valentine’s Day Bonus – Chocolate

Chocolate is produced from the seed of the tropical tree Theobroma cacao and has been cultivated for at least three millennia in Mexico, Central America, and Northern South America. The earliest documented use of chocolate is dated to be around 1100 BC by Mesoamerican and Aztecs, who used chocolate in a beverage. Chocolate similar to…

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