Arsenic toxicity, a Silent Killer

Recently in New York City, there has been reports of serious arsenic contamination of the drinking water. Several residents in an apartment complex have been complaining for several years of various symptoms related to the exposure. How does arsenic get into the drinking water and what are the ramifications? Arsenic is an odorless,tasteless heavy metal…

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Heavy Metal Toxicity: Signs and Symptoms

Heavy Metal Toxicity

Commonly found in our everyday environment, we are exposed to heavy metals on a daily basis. Typically we are only exposed to small quantities, and in small amounts, many of the heavy metals are essential for a healthy body. However, when heavy metal toxicity happens, severe damage can occur to the body. While certain metals…

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How to Make Your Own Natural Face Paint this Halloween

Face Paint Recipe

Painting your face is fun, but using chemical-laden face paint can cause some serious adverse effects to occur, especially on children. Unfortunately, with Halloween around the corner, the desire to transform into another character is hard to resist, as many costumes utilize face paint to tie the look together. While others paint their face simply…

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The Spicy Tuna Roll is Not Your Friend

Sushi, introduced to the United States in the early 1900’s by Asian cultures has become a popular meal in the American Diet. Many choose sushi as the “healthier” fast food. Contrary to the burger and fries, sushi boasts vegetables, seaweed and fish. Consumers get high doses of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, flavonoids, and omega-3s. In addition…

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The Connection Between Heavy Metal Pollution and Autism

Autism is a disorder characterized by delays or challenges with social interaction, communication, and repetitive behaviors. Though the causes of autism have been generally inconclusive, environmental exposures during the pregnancy have long been under scrutiny as a potential cause. In recent years, multiple studies have confirmed a link between heavy metal pollution and autism. Studies…

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Six Essential Daily Supplements to Take Every Day

Supplements by Dr. John Salerno

Research shows that no matter how healthy we eat it’s still challenging to get the right proportion of all the essential nutrients that we need. Our body is healing, repairing and rebuilding itself every single day and we need to support it. One of the most significant misconceptions is that we don’t need to take…

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Lead Toxicity & The Las Vegas Shooting

Lead Toxicity

The benefits of using lead in various industries were discovered long before it became known as an urgent public health crisis in later years. It was found that a lead additive to gasoline could increase an engine’s performance, raising the fuel economy of vehicles in contrast to gas without lead additives. It was used in…

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