The Importance of Getting Your Full Schedule of Sleep

Importance of Getting Your Full Schedule of Sleep

Sleep is one of the most important activities we engage in for good health, albeit it restfully, alongside exercise and good nutrition. Although scientists do not fully understand the role of sleep, it is very clear that sleep is good for optimal brain function. If you want to have a good memory or good decision-making…

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Trans Fat Could Be Hurting Your Memory

trans fat

Eating sweets and foods with trans fats has never been good for your health, but new science shows it might also be clogging-up your memory too. According to new research presented at the American Heart Association’s annual meeting in Chicago, presenters, such as study author Dr. Beatrice Golomb, explained how men with the most trans…

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Handwriting Helps Children Learn and Boosts Memory

When it comes to handwriting, school systems are shifting their focus towards less traditional forms of instruction, but it could be negatively impacting proficiency and memory standards because it has been discovered that handwriting boosts the brain. As psychologists and scientists begin to unravel the link between educational development and cognitive retention, and due to…

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