Arsenic toxicity, a Silent Killer

Recently in New York City, there has been reports of serious arsenic contamination of the drinking water. Several residents in an apartment complex have been complaining for several years of various symptoms related to the exposure. How does arsenic get into the drinking water and what are the ramifications? Arsenic is an odorless,tasteless heavy metal…

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Revolutionary New Treatments in Anti-Aging at the Salerno Center

Semaglutide Program

The Salerno Center is excited to announce state-of-the-art protocols that are scientifically proven to delay many parameters of the aging process. Patients will lose weight, gain more energy, look more vital and youthful, and all can be demonstrated additionally by blood tests. Every patient started in this program will have extensive blood tests done, which…

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NAD+: An Important Tool in Your Anti-Aging Arsenal

  We all experience aging, but how well we age depends on many factors; diet, activity, genetics, environment, and supplementation. We often see a supplement touted as the next anti-aging miracle and are usually left disappointed in the results. But sometimes, a supplement comes along, and it is the real thing. That’s the case with…

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Inspiritol – A New Investigational Drug Announced for ME/CFS and Long COVID

A new drug application has been filed with the FDA claiming to treat chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) and long COVID. Since “investigational new drugs” (INDs) documents treating ME/CFS are not very commonly presented to the FDA, this indicated the company is confident in its treatment to begin clinical traits for FDA drug approval. At first…

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Inspiritol Effective in COVID-19, Long-COVID and ME/CFS Patients

Inspiritol, Inc. collaborating with Dr. Liisa Selin and Dr. Anna Gill at UMass Chan Medical School Dr. Raymond Welsh joins Inspiritol as Lead Science Advisor   Fairfield, CT, October 25, 2021 — Inspiritol, Inc., a virtual pharmaceutical start-up filed a response with the FDA as part of their Investigational New Drug Application process for Inspiritol,…

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Proper Thyroid Disease Diagnosis

Thyroid Disease

Hypothyroidism is an extremely important condition to diagnose and treat properly. Our thyroid gland is responsible for metabolism, energy, mood, and to maintain proper weight. Symptoms associated with hypothyroidism are: cold hands and feet, hair thinning or loss, fatigue, weight gain, depression, constipation, and dryer skin. Patients will also complain of low body temperatures. Since…

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The Ketogenic Diet

Ketogenic Diet for Weight Loss

The Ketogenic diet was popularized and redefined by my great mentor Dr. Robert Atkins. I have additionally reformed the diet further over the last several years. How does it work, and why does it work? Ketogenic literally means the creation of ketones. Ketones are a substitute fuel for our bodies when glucose is not readily…

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Using Food in the Fight Against Parkinson’s

Food for Parkinson’s

Being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease is life-changing, and it can be a terrifying diagnosis for many people. Considered to be a progressive, neurodegenerative disease, the debilitating symptoms of Parkinson’s can vary from person to person. Symptoms include muscle tremors, muscle pain, decreased dexterity, speech difficulty, dementia, depression, insomnia, constipation, urinary problems, weakness, mobility issues, and…

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